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Original SWAT Chase Low Item: 131001 Manufacturer: Original Footwear Company $79.99
The Chase Low is a performance shoe ready to tackle any challenge. Designed to perform under the pressures of a line cook at dinner time or simply as your daily uniform shoe, this shoe only stops working when you decide it’s time to call it a day. 32 oz
Original SWAT Classic 6" Safety Side Zip WP Item: 116101 Manufacturer: Original Footwear Company $129.99
Constructed to perform under any condition, this lightweight duty boot workhorse delivers the requirements and execution standards for those who prefer a 6” option. Stay dry, safe, and comfortable throughout your shift while wearing this boot that is eng
Original SWAT Classic 9" Side Zip Item: 115201 Manufacturer: Original Footwear Company $99.99
Concentrated on the requirements of department-specialty officers, the Classic 9” Side-Zip delivers in advanced performance and comfort. Stay looking sharp, and feeling fresh even after three straight 12-hour shifts. 43 oz. 1215 g
Original SWAT H.A.W.K. 9" Side Zip Item: 165231 Manufacturer: Original Footwear Company $129.99
High Agility Weight Kinetics. The H.A.W.K. 9” Side-Zip combines our latest Flex-Lite Support System build technology with performance features like no other tactical boot. Designed to deliver performance and durability first, this boot takes every measure
Original SWAT Women's Classic 6" Item: 115111 Manufacturer: Original Footwear Company $84.99
If it’s a shorter uniform boot you are looking for, the Women’s Classic 6” has you covered. With its padded collar, and phylon midsole, this boot delivers the all-day-comfort and tactical performance Original S.W.A.T. is known for. 32 oz. 918 g
6" EVO Waterproof Boot with Side Zip Item: 12313 Manufacturer: 5.11 $139.99
6" EVO Boot with Side Zip Item: 12311 Manufacturer: 5.11 $114.99
ATAC 6" low boot Item: 12002 Manufacturer: 5.11 $89.99
ATAC 6" Shield Side Zip ASTM Boot Item: 12019 Manufacturer: 5.11 $129.99
ATAC 6" Side Zip Boot Item: 12018 Manufacturer: 5.11 $89.99
ATAC 6" Side Zip Boot Item: 12025 Manufacturer: 5.11 $89.99
ATAC 8" Sage Side Zip Boot Item: 12220 Manufacturer: 5.11 $99.99
ATAC 8" Shield CSA/ASTM Boot Item: 12026 Manufacturer: 5.11 $154.99
ATAC 8" Side Zip Boot Item: 12007 Manufacturer: 5.11 $99.99
ATAC 8" Side-zip boot Item: 12001 Manufacturer: 5.11 $99.99
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